Aluminum Track System for High Frequency Power Tools

We have developed the aluminum track system to match our HF power tools. The vertical guide track ensures the exact cut, the horizontal guide track accommodates the BELUGA drive motor. With the SQUATINA attachment and Ø400 mm cutting blade, pre-cuts up to 170 mm can be made. In the next aisle, the re-cut takes place, optionally with KOGIA or ESPADA with 300 mm and up to 500 mm cutting depth. The feed is steplessly via the Makita cordless screwdriver attached to the worm gear.
The cut is dipped into the cut directly by hand via the guide track, so there is no need for long cranks.

Wall guide system HF-RS4 complete
consisting of:
• 2m guide track
• 1m guide track
• 3 track trestles
• Makita cordless srewdriver

Complete Set Order number 0283 900 1029

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