The portable solution for dewatering industrial slurry

By its innovative and compact design, the Slurryfox SFP 647 effectively seperates solids for reuse or proper disposal.
It´s innovative system and design, make the Slurryfox an economical and ecological benefit.
The SFP 647 is the green solution for proper disposal of concrete slurry in the concrete industry.

The 100 % pneumatic operated filter press can be attached with standard or high volume pump.

  • Innovative and environmentally friendly
  • Rugged and compact steel construction
  • Mobile for jobsite processing
  • Reuse water multiple times
  • Solids can be recycled or disposed
  • Reuse water multiple times


  • Economic and environmentally friendly
  • Solid and compact steel construction
  • Portable for different job-site installations
  • Forklift base for easy setup and transportation
  • Seperate control unit includes full operation installation as pneumatic airsupply, slurry pump and pneumatic/hydraulic converter and control panel.

Two hydraulic cylinders are driven by a pneumatic-hy-draulic converter which presses the filter chambers to-gether so that the solids and the water are seperated.

SFP 647
Operating with high volume pump 100% pneumatic
Air required 500 l/min, 7 bar (132 gal/min at 101 psi)
Recycling Capacity/hour 2000 l-Solids 160 kg (528 gal, Solids 350 lbs)
Recycling Capacity/cyclus 400 l-Solids 32 kg (105 gal, solids 70 lbs)
Filtervolume (solids) 30 Liter (8 gal)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1200×800×1600 mm (48”×32”×64”)
Weight 520 kg (1.144 lbs)
Order number 0284 000 3000

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